Touring Workshop for Women

Achieve Your Goals One Question at a Time

Interactive Workshop for Women

There are hundreds of books out there that may give some guidance or shed some light on self-esteem. But, how many times have you read a book and wished you could immediately implement the message in your life to affect real change? Wouldn’t it be great to meet the author, pick their brain, and spend time with other women who are just like you?

This is it, now is your chance to do just that! The Identity 5 Tour is a touring workshop based on Susan Vernicek’s online magazine, Identity and its companion, the Identity Magbook.

This workshop for women was created to help women get all A’s in the game of life; Accept. Appreciate. Achieve.™

Based on the Magbook, you will answer 5 powerful, thought provoking questions that will force you to dig inward to discover your strengths, your value, your unique characteristics and will push you to create an even stronger Identity.

You are not alone. Hundreds of women have already answered the Identity 5 questions and are now feeling empowered, uplifted, more confident, validated and overall more accepting of themselves mentally and physically.

“I have struggled in recent months with difficulties, and find that I can easily focus on my problems. At the Identity 5 workshop, your questions revealed that at heart, I AM a positive person. You changed the focus to my strengths” – ES

This Wellness Workshop for Women Includes:

* A two hour intimate workshop with Self-Esteem Expert, Author, Confidence Creator and Identity Energizer, Susan Vernicek.

* Each woman who registers will receive their autographed Identity Magbook (value $20) at the workshop.

* At the workshop each woman will receive their own Identity 5 Journal.

* You will leave with an increase in your confidence and a decrease in your negative thoughts.

* You will leave with an increase in your self-worth and a decrease in your insecurities.

* You will leave feeling validated in who you are and what you have to offer yourself and this world.

* You will receive a 6 month FREE membership at (code given after purchase of ticket)

* $4800 from the entire tour ($100 per state, 48 states) will go to one of our top charities, The B.I.G. Scholarship Fund, which is a charity within the Just Think Big organization. B.l.G stands for: Believe, Inspire, Grow and the scholarship provides an opportunity for Juniors and Seniors in High School and College to win a scholarship to start their business idea.

Why does any of this matter? Because you will:

* Fearlessly go after your goals and achieve them
* Have better communication
* Build stronger relationships
* Improve success in both your personal and career worlds.
* Use your voice and show up in meetings, networking groups, and social atmospheres.


If these are any of your excuses….then this workshop IS for you because, you need Y.O.U time. In order to be productive, happy, confident, and refreshed, you must take time to reflect and discover all that you have accomplished this far within yourself, your life and with your career. 

“This is such busy time for me.”

“I have a little ones at home and just can’t find the time to come.”

“I’m not sure I can spend money of myself.”

*You can learn more about Susan Vernicek here:*